Who are short films for?

Personal Films

Short films are ideal for family moments, moving portraits, special occasions, or just because. I love telling a story with movement. What you consider awesome now will be invaluable when you are transported back to this time years later. Movement, laughter, and music all transform a 'photo' into something magical. Personal films are the equivalent of the family album on steroids. Plus this way there is no having to find time to print and organise photos into albums. 

Small Business, Branding, & social Media

If you've got an event or workshop coming up, capture and share the occasion with your audience. Strengthen your credibility and create interest around your products and services. You'll also have something interesting to share on social media and/or your website. Attract more people who resonate with your brand. You'll be ticking a bunch of useful boxes!


Social Content - Shopper Experience

Social Media Content - Stop Motion

Personal Film - Family Holiday

Personal Film - Pet Turtles

Business Event - Great Geelong Story

Social Media Content - Stop Motion

Moving Portrait

Personal Film - Weekend Getaway

Personal Film - Tourist Attraction

Small Business Workshop

Social Content - Seasonal Video

Social Media Content - Stop Motion

Social Media Content 


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