Hello. I'm Jeanie a photographer and video enthusiast. I'm what you might call a serious hobbyist. I love being inspired and learning new skills. I don't think we are ever 'done learning'. That's a life's journey. 

I love capturing real moments in real locations. I much prefer the outdoors for nature and urban inspired portraits. There's something magical about the colour of real life. Be it a landscape of green, or a cement jungle in a city cbd. I love not having the restriction of four walls, and prefer being surrounded by natural sunlight and endless possibilities. 

Currently my availability is limited to five portrait sessions per year. Why so few? This is my passion project. I create for fun and enjoyment. I dabble in branding, blogging, and creating social media content because I enjoy it. I'm open to collaborative projects, and the occasional model call. Check out the mini films I create. Or visit the 'hello' page for more details about me, my work, and contact information. 

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Geelong | Australia
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