Jeanie Irving creates films for families, makers, and small business. Geelong AU


Taking marketing & memories to the next level with video!

Films for personal use, business, branding, & social media.

For personal:  Life is not still, we live in motion. Enjoy your memories in motion too. A photo is great. Video is better. Add sound, laughter, and music and the result is next level. Personal films are magic! Ideal for those who have a zillion photos but never find time to put together a family album. Instead consider a 'moving portrait'.

For Biz & Branding:  Video is visual storytelling. If a photo tells the story of a thousand words, imagine what 25 photos per second can say. Video is powerful. It has the power to stop someone scrolling by. It highlights your brand, strengthens your credibility, and creates interest around your products and services.

People who resonate with your brand are likely to share your video. People who share your story are endorsing you and help to grow your audience for you. Not sure if you've got a story to tell, contact me and we'll chat. Hint, there's always a story or an occasion. Scroll through a selection of videos here or visit the films page to see more. 

Portraits & Personal Branding

I offer video sessions and mini photo shoots. Scroll to see some of my favourite still images. These sessions are perfect for families who just want one or two images on the wall. Also for people needing personal branding for websites and social media.

I use real locations (not a studio). I allow the subject to be the main focus by aiming to utilise backgrounds that are free from clutter. With the help of perspective, lens choice, and a few other tricks. I prefer vibrant bold colours. I love the outdoors for nature and urban inspired portraits. However inside shoots highlighting your home or work space is also possible. 

Which location tells your story? Scroll through this selection or visit the still photos page to see more. 

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