Jeanie Irving creates videos for businesses and modern families. Personalise and humanise your brand. Creative videos that make biz marketing easy so you can stand out and attract your tribe. Family films that innovate the 'family album' by bringing memories to life with motion and sound. Geelong AU

I bring stories to life with video for businesses & families

Personalising and humanising brands.
Modernising the 'family album' with motion & sound.

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Digital solutions that engage & attract your audience.

Creative videos to market yourself, attract your tribe, and stand out. Lets personalise and humanise your brand to attract your ideal client.


A modern family home movie. Bring memories to life with movement, voices, laughter, & music. Your future selves with thank you.

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market YOUR brand with original content

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Clients & Collaborations

Clients Collaborations - Jeanie

I work with a variety of people including; families, artists, makers, event services, workshop facilitators, cafes, wineries, brick and mortar stores, fashion labels, photographers, bloggers, and social influencers.


Video content builds trust

Social media and the algorithm aren't the enemy. Consistency of good content is the key to getting noticed and growing a client base. Content needs to educate, entertain, empower, engage, or inspire. You don't have to hire a huge film crew to get results. Just start showing up. Work with me for a more  professional look.

More than 3/4 of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video by 2021. Mobile video will increase 9-fold between 2016 and 2021, accounting for 78% of mobile data traffic.
— (Visual Networking Index)
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Personal Branding & Family Photos

Video Packages come with a handful of photos. A handful of images is great for updating your website and social media with fresh images. Or for families who want to update their artwork and have something to share with family & friends via social media. Visit the still photo page to see more. 

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