Creating video content for your socials and website. Humanising your brand to attract your tribe. Jeanie also creates family film experiences. Innovating the ‘family album’ by bringing memories to life with motion and sound.

Videos for your social media & website

stand out and be noticed with next level videos

for geelong businesses & families

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Brand Film

Set yourself apart and strengthen your brand’s message. Connect with your audience in a fun way through your website and social channels.

Creative Video

Grab attention on socials. Stop the (social) scroll with creative videos. Increase brand engagement with stop motion and timelapse videos.

Modern 'Family Album'

Innovate the 'family album' to a fun film experience. Static photos & awkward poses are so 2018. Capture family dynamics with video.

Avoid drowning in a ‘Sea of Sameness’

Stand Out with a Brand Film and Build Brand Confidence

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What they said

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Make film & video a priority

Think about the type of content you love to watch. I bet it’s entertaining, educational, or inspiring. Are there social accounts that you check daily? My hands up. I’m addicted to people who make me laugh out loud, teach me useful things, or inspire me somehow. Note I didn’t say I’m addicted to a logo. I’m a person connecting with other people. Video can help you connect your business with other people too.

Instagram stories and YouTube tutorials are popular for a reason. People love connecting with people. Videos personalise and humanise your brand.
— said by every person in marketing
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Clients & Collaborations


I work with a variety of people including; families, artists, makers, event services, workshop facilitators, cafes, wineries, brick and mortar stores, fashion labels, photographers, bloggers, social influencers, and small business owners.


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