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Hi. I’m Jeanie. A Queenslander living in Geelong. I moved here about eleven years ago with my fiancé, now husband. I am a video creator. I make videos for small businesses who want social content and videos for their websites. I also make fun films for families who want moving memories with laughter and sound.

I’m an optimist who sees life through rose-coloured glasses. I don’t watch the news. I love reading biz or motivational books. I have two amusing long necked turtles. They must be about 13 years old now. I’m married to a guy who grew up in Sydney and is fussy about his wine. My husband has MANY more Instagram followers than me. That doesn’t bother me at all (okay maybe a little, but I’m very proud of him). Turns out people like red wine photos. His account is a bit like a diary of my Saturday nights.

I’ve been doing personal projects and collaborations to build my skill set and portfolio. Lately businesses have contacted me about doing video work for them. I find that very exciting. I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface. I’m super curious about animating illustrations, motion graphics, and hyperlapse photography. Anything that will give my work an edge and make it stand out even more. My vision for the types of video I want to create require me to learn oh so much more. I’m just getting started.


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