About Jeanie

I create promotional films, highlight reels, and brand videos for businesses. It’s a great way to get original content for your website and social media platforms. Along with creative videos like stop motion and timelapse videos. They’re fun, eye catching, and if I do my job well, also scroll stopping.

I’ve always been interested in marketing and branding. Even as an Administrator I’d jump at the chance to help the Marketing and Sales teams. I’d attend sponsored events like the Noosa Triathlon and Big M launch party to help hand out products and capture moments. I created an event photograph library that I then used in Sale Proposals. Wanting to build brand awareness and buzz comes natural to me.

I’ve also spent a few years recently in retail. So I understand that you want videos that attract your tribe and keeps them interested. Beyond that you’d also like increased sales. Which is why I take my job seriously. Oh I’ll goof about and have fun. All in the name of helping my subjects to relax and be themselves in front of the camera. But I’ll have the ‘big picture’ in mind too. Which is why early in our discussions you’ll often hear me ask ‘what’s the goal of the video?’.

What’s the goal of the video? Are we inspiring, educating, entertaining, or engaging your audience?

What else about me. I’m a Queenslander living in Geelong. I’ve been living here for more than ten years. I love that the traffic isn’t that bad, even when people complain that it is. I love that you have this thing called ‘a cool change’. I never knew that existed. Brisbane never seemed to cool down in summer. I love that it’s jacket and boot weather here more often. There’s a lot to love.

When I first arrived I was keen to find a group of women to connect with. I didn’t really find what I was looking for. Not until recently when Sweatworking Geelong hit the scene. I had been craving a group that actively ran events and workshops. Not in Melbourne, but right here in Geelong. The Sweatworking vision aligns with my own beliefs. So if you see me publicly supporting and loudly cheering them on, my enthusiasm is real. I often collaborate with them and offer their members a discount from my video packages.

If you’re interested in a video for your biz, reach out and say hello.

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