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Hi. I’m Jeanie. A Queenslander living in Geelong. I know, I did that backwards, most people move towards the warmer beaches. The sunny Gold Coast used to be an hours drive away, I think I took that for granted. I moved here in 2008 because my fiancé was moving for career advancement. I spent the first year organising our wedding with majority of the guests coming from Brisbane and Sydney. I had fallen in love with a great guy, and was falling for Geelong too.

I’m a Video Creator. I’m not fond of the word Videographer. That sounds too old fashion. It takes me back to my childhood when I was forced to watch a wedding video. Okay force is a bit strong, it was on and the adults were watching it. That was back when VHS video tapes were still a thing. The video dragged on for an hour. I don’t know if it actually was that long, but watching the unedited ceremony and speeches was torture. They seemed to plonk down a tripod, press record, and do nothing else. It’s no wonder that I prefer cinematic highlight reels with quick cuts and upbeat music.

I make brand films, aka highlight reels, for businesses. It’s a great way to get original content for their website and social media platforms. I’m passionate about branding and marketing, so it’s a perfect marriage of interests.

I also make fun films for families who want moving memories with laughter and sound. A modern day ‘family album’ if you will. I joke that video kicks photos ass. I say joke, but I truly mean it. Video has so many more layers than a static photo. When you lose someone of significance to you, the difference will be clear.

A violent family tragedy in 2010 threw me into depression. The sadness consumed me and my rose-coloured view on life was tainted. I struggled to comprehend the loss. I explored ways to distract my mind. From various jewellery making techniques to fashion blogging to photography. Each interest evolved into something else. Life was gently nudging me along. I’m not sure if it was a year, or a few. Eventually I was no longer escaping to a happy place, but I was happy again.

I love doing courses and workshops. Absorbing all things marketing, branding, blogging, and social media. As soon as I flipped that camera switch from photos to video, there was no looking back. I had discovered my passion for moving photos with sound. Video! The catalyst still made no sense, but the journey landed me here.

Something I’ve learnt, that preserving memories and having support around you is oh so important. If you’re following me on social media (I love Instagram) you may have noticed I’m a big believer in supporting others. I do think if we help each other, only good can come of it. That is one of the reasons I love and support Sweatworking Geelong. I was craving a local group of women who were actively running events and supporting each other. Their vision and mission aligns with my own beliefs. So if you see me publicly supporting and loudly cheering them on, know my actions are genuine. It may be part therapy, but my enthusiasm is real. As is my passion for video creation.

I’ve tried sharing my ‘why’ many times. Each time I wasn’t ready and erased it. Almost ten years on, it is time. I share not for your pity or tears. I share to say life IS wonderful. We need to look for the good. We need to treasure the love. The people. The joy. The moments and memories. We need to create good in the world. We need to be the good for others when they can’t see it. So whether your a business in the community or a Mum/Dad raising a family. I’d love to create a wonderful video for you. And if watching and sharing your video brings you joy. Then my job is done and my heart is full.


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