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A fun way for your tribe to explore your brand with attention catching videos. Lets make creative content using your products, services, or an event. 

There's plenty of places to share your video. Your website, a blog post, on social media, a digital newsletter, an online advertising campaign, a sales/lead page, your LinkedIN profile, as a biz Facebook banner, on YouTube, or in a digital client proposal. Repurpose your original content and use it everywhere.

Time Lapse - Build A Home

Stop Motion - Unboxing delivery

Time Lapse - Biz Workshop

Stop Motion - Self pouring wine

Stop Motion - Dancing shoes

Stop Motion - Autumn in the garden


Stop Motion video 

This is an animation technique that makes static objects appear to move of their own accord. It's a process of taking MANY photos whilst moving the object/s by hand, frame by frame. The magic happens when you edit those together. Add music, and the result is magic. The items take on a personality of their own. 

Time Lapse video

Is a photographic technique that defies time. Making an event that happens slowly, appear to happen much faster. Great technique for clouds moving, sun sets, events, or construction of a building. Typically the camera takes photos at a set interval (eg every 5 seconds) and does so for several hours.

Video Marketing in 2018: We love to share. Our findings suggest that, if you create video content that your specific audience enjoys, 83% of consumers would consider sharing it with their friends. Being a brand is not necessarily a disadvantage - content is king!

You're only a few steps away from having original content

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