Family Films

video with all the feels. unique gift to your future selves.

Innovate the 'family album' to a fun modern experience. Complete with movement, voices, laughter, & music. Be excited to share this with family & friends. Revisit this time in years to come with the press of a button. Time capsule your families' quirks and mannerisms. Forget static memories with awkward looking poses. Instead capture your family interactions and dynamics. Bring your memories to life in a fun way. This is a modern day home style movie. Grab some popcorn and enjoy your family film.

Families can capture everything from the everyday, to fun adventures and experiences in motion with sound.

Afternoon at the beach

Personal Film - Weekend Getaway

Moving Portrait

Family Video (with interviews)

Personal Holiday Film

Photos are a moment. Video are ALL the moments in motion (+ sound). 
— Jeanie Irving

What do your kids really get out of Family Photo Day? They get dressed up and told to stay clean for the photos. If we're honest, the photos are really for the parents, and relatives. In the future your children will enjoy them. What if they could enjoy memory making process too! What are the things your family loves to do together. Is it baking, board games, visiting the beach? Let's capture that. 


What they said


How to get your own family film

1.  Book in a chat with Jeanie

2.  Let's plan a customised video together

3. Jeanie films your video

4. Enjoy your video for years to come