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I do love social media! But, I’m a Content Creator, not a Social Media Manager. There are some great services out there. People who will teach you how to do it yourself, or people you can hire to do it for you. I can give you some recommendations if your stuck.

Q. I WANT A VIDEO, but I’m lost. Have you got some ideas for me?

A better question is what goal do you have for wanting a video? From there we can brainstorm what would work best to achieve that. Is it launching your biz or a product. Telling people about an upcoming workshop. Growing your social audience? Selling a key product?

Still want ideas, here's a few: 

Brand video that highlights your business or service. BTS video showing the passion and care that goes into your business. A workshop or event is great to capture in a video. You'll have social content to share and a video to promote the next event. A product video such as a fun stop motion or a shopper's experience video. A testimonial video where your customers say really nice things about how you've helped me. An instructional video where you teach something. A story told in a docco style with interviews and B-roll makes a great video.


Q. What is B-Roll?

You mentioned B-Roll, what is that? B-Roll is the interesting story-telling scenes between the main message. Without it your video may just be talking heads. Cutting away to other (relevant) scenes adds dimensions to the story and increases engagement. It makes your video better.


Q. Where can I use my video?

There are many places. Social media, website, blog post, newsletter, online advertising campaign, a sales/lead page, LinkedIN profile, Business Intranet, YouTube, Facebook biz banner, IGTV, and digital client proposals. Make one piece of content, and repurpose it on different platforms. 


Q. What file type do we get?

I provide mp4 files. If another file type is required, check with me to make sure I can provide that. I edit in Adobe Premiere, I should be able to accommodate most requests. 

Your files are supplied as Full HD (1920x1080).



Short answer, heck no. Music requires licensing (even if you're just sharing your video on social media). Commercial/radio songs cost a bazillion dollars. I select music that helps enhance the 'feeling' of your video. I also aim to select a track that won't date easily. 


Q. Where do you film?

For Biz videos - At your place of business or a suitable venue like a co-working space.

For stop motion - it may be best for me to create that at my home studio. So I can block out all natural light and control the environment. 

For Family films - We start at your home.  We may include another location, depending on the activities we've decided to include. Eg. Park, beach, bowling alley. Each video session will be unique. Yes I do family films on request (for brand simplicity I don’t promote that).


Q. What do you bring?

I like to keep things simple and as light as possible. It really depends on the project we're planning. Ideally that's just me, my camera, a few lenses, a tripod, and some sound stuff. However, portable lights, extra cameras, a some other gadget stuff may be needed too.


Q. Can I have ALL the video footage?

That’s a bit like asking a chef for the scraps in the kitchen. You are purchasing a finished film that is edited in my creative style. No you don’t get all the footage. If that makes you uneasy, watch a bunch of my films to make sure you love my style.


Q. Can you edit the footage we shoot ourselves? 

Sorry, I don't offer that service. I like to film with the edit in mind. If I didn't shoot the film, I'm not keen to edit it.

Q. Will you film our wedding?

I refer to myself as a ‘Video Creator’ because I don’t want people to think ‘Wedding Videographer’. Weddings are awesome, but there not my thing. I would prefer to film the businesses involved. The hair stylist, the caterer, or the venue instead of the happy couple.


Q. What's your editing philosophy? 

With photographs my answer has always been ‘to make you look like you on a good day’. However editing with video is limited compared to photographs. If you want your face/skin enhanced, it needs to be done with makeup beforehand.

If you were referring to the edit pace, I prefer medium to fast cuts with lots of angles and different perspectives. I lean towards an edit that enhances the story and not fancy transitions that distract from it.

All final footage is colour graded to ensure it looks it's best. 


Q. Should I be viewing the video with a particular browser?

Colour Management is a complex subject. If my website or video looks wrong to you, then try a different browser. Also my monitor is calibrated (yours may not be). 

On a side note, did you know most people have their monitors set too bright. That causes eye strain. If your screen is beaming like a light source consider turning the brightness down. 


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