Q. Can you explain your photography style?

My style is a mix of posed portraits and candid moments. My aim is to capture authentic expressions and personality. Whilst I might guide you with some posing, my aim is to have everyone relaxed and being themselves. It's the moments in-between poses that I adore. When everyone forgets about the camera and is behaving naturally. This is when I capture the spontaneity of a moment with real smiles, real laughter, real fun. Unless you tell me otherwise, I'm aiming for lots of this! 

Q. You said you prefer candid moments. Does that mean all we have to do is show up on the day?

The more we talk through details (brainstorm and plan), the more 'you' we put into your photo shoot, the more you will love your photographs. We'll chat about location ideas, outfits, colour themes. Heck we may even chat about lifestyle themes. Such as reading story books to children or playing card games like Uno on a picnic rug with friends. With a little effort upfront, you'll end up loving your photographs all the more!   

Q. You say you pose us, won't that make us look stiff and old fashion? 

The word pose does sound old fashion! By pose I mean I'll give you some directions. That way your moving and looking like you would naturally. If things look a little off, I'll help tweak your pose/look. Some people feel intimated to be standing in front of a camera. They get a case of 'Umm what do I do now'? Awkward. I'll guide you with ideas. We may even play games.

Q. Who do you photograph, what's your genre?

If you or your crew want to get undressed, say "I do", or still wear nappies, then I'm the wrong Photographer. Check out my portfolio (portraits / video), that will give you a sense of my style and who I photograph. If you're thinking but wait we love your style. Perhaps I can recommend someone else who photographs boudoir, weddings, or newborns. 

Q. Do you photograph newborns?

No. There's an art form to photographing babies and keeping them safe at the same time. I adore newborns and would love any excuse to cuddle yours. I would get clucky, make go-gar noises, and talk in a funny voice. However I prefer to photograph little people who are old enough to sit and walk. 

Q. Where do you photograph?

Four walls feels like a restriction. The world is a backdrop. I love working in natural light and using nature or urban/city locations as the backdrop. Lighting, seasons, and scenery all change. Each photo session will be as unique as you. 

I have some favourite locations around Geelong that I could suggest. Write out a list of places that make you feel alive, and where you feel most at home. For me that would be an area with trees. For others it may be the beach. 

Q. What do you bring?

I like to keep things simple and as light as possible. It really depends on the project we're planning. Ideally that's just me, my camera, a few lenses, and a reflector. However, portable lights, extra cameras, a tripod, and some sound stuff may be needed too.

Q. What's your editing philosophy? 

I edit with one thing in mind - to make you look like you, on a good day.  

Remember even models don't look like models without a stylist and makeup artist. I don't aim for magazine perfect. I aim for 'you on a good day'. That means anything that won't be around in six months is removed. Like pimples and scratches. If you've got something more permanent, like a birthmark or freckles, it stays.  

Some people are anti 'Photoshop'. I simply ask 'do you wear makeup?'. That's altering and enhancing the truth. It's the same thing I do with editing. If you've ever worn makeup, a push-up bra, or shapewear, don't throw stones. Colouring your hair and shaving your legs are also acts of altering the truth. I prefer to call it enhancing (and that's what I do with editing - enhance).

Q. Should I be viewing the images with a particular browser?

Colour Management is a complex subject. If my site or images look wrong to you, then try a different browser. Also my monitor is calibrated (yours may not be). On a side note, did you know most people have their monitors set too bright. That causes eye strain. If your screen is beaming like a light source consider turning the brightness down. 

Q. What's the difference between LoRes and HiRes files?

Look at you with your teckie-words. This refers to the file and how it was saved.

LoRes is for online use. It's typically 72 dpi (dots per inch) and a smaller file size. Making LoRes files best for online and social media use (think fast loading speed). All my website and blog images are LoRes. If you try to print a LoRes file, it will look really really really bad.

HiRes is typically 300 dpi and a bigger file size. HiRes files are essential for printing. 

Q. We went to school together (or some other obscure connection) will you photograph my wedding?

You don't want me to photograph your wedding. You really don't. You want someone who has experience with weddings to capture those once in a life time memories. An engagement or couple session is more my thing. You could consider chatting to me about that. 

Q. You already blogged at Inspired Wish. Why a new site?

I wanted something new, a place that was better at displaying image galleries. For me, Inspired Wish became all about taking better photos. I followed that passion which landed me here. This site has its very own blog. Except this time I'm owning it instead of using a pseudo name. I'm all about chasing inspiration and seeing where it may lead you. 



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