Jeanie's promise!

  • to tell you if you've got something in your teeth

  • to use flattering angles, lenses, and light

  • to bring my creative A-game


Reach out & say hello

One size (often) does not fit all. I'd love to chat with you about your video needs and ideas.

All sessions include:

  • a planning consultation

  • the video session

  • video edit

  • music licence


Contact details

Shall we meet over a coffee and chat about your video needs and ideas? 


Address:  PO Box 6097 Highton VIC 3216
[Geelong Australia]



Jeanie's background includes working in small offices, corporate head office environments, various temping roles, and retail. This administrative, reception, and retail background means Jeanie is comfortable working with a broad range of people. 

Jeanie is originally from Brisbane. She's been living in Geelong for over nine years. She loves that it's jacket and boot weather here more often. Jeanie and her husband adopted Aristotle and Gertrude, two long neck turtles, who provide hours of entertainment.

Jeanie spends countless hours immersing herself in photography and video making. She also loves to dabble in branding, social media, and website design.

If you see Jeanie out and about, feel free to say hello. She's a tad shy, but super friendly.

Jeanie also finds it really weird to talk in the third person (and promises not to do it again).