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Address:  PO Box 6097 Highton VIC 3216
[Geelong Australia]

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Work with Jeanie

VIDEO / Photo Session

If you're keen to discuss details, availability, and pricing then reach out and say hello. As each project and session is different I'd rather chat about each on a case by case basis. 

All sessions include a planning consultation, the video/photo session, retouch/ editing, video/photo premier, and delivery of the final product/s.


Working with Brands and Businesses

I can create photography and film content for social media campaigns. Contact me to discuss further. I'm also open to working with brands through my blog and Instagram.



Jeanie is originally from Queensland. She's been living in Geelong for over eight years. She doesn't miss the humidity and loves that it's jacket and boot weather here more often. Jeanie and her husband adopted Aristotle and Gertrude, two long neck turtles, who provide hours of entertainment. Jeanie used to keep tropical fish, but she put those in the same tank as the turtles. Who promptly ate them. One less tank to clean.

Jeanie has an extensive background in Administration and Reception. She is currently a fish out of water working in retail. Although she has spent the last two years learning the art of exceeding customer expectations. She still can't believe she gets paid to dress mannequins and to help women shop for the perfect outfit. 

Jeanie spends countless hours immersing herself in photography and video making. She also loves to dabble in branding, social media content, blogging and website design. Jeanie prefers to spend her time learning, practicing, and being inspired. She also finds it really weird to talk in the third person (and promises not to do it again). 


Artist Statement

My photography styles plays in the space between candid lifestyle portraits and modern art. I aim to capture real moments in real locations. I use outdoor scenery as a backdrop for nature and urban portraits. I don't have the restriction of four walls. I prefer being surrounded by endless possibilities. 

I prefer backgrounds that are free of distractions and clutter, allowing the subject to be the main focus. My photographs are vibrant and bold in colour. I strongly lean towards fun, positive images. Be it a sassy, serious, sporty, geeky, or cheeky person, my goal is have their personality shine through. I encourage everyone to have their images printed so they can hold the physical artwork in their hands. I dislike boring walls with generic prints, and much prefer original bespoke artwork of scenic imagery (with you in the scene).