Location Scouting - before & after 

I collect location photos. It's a bit like a Photo Shoot Location Library (see the gallery below). It's handy for brainstorming ideas about where you'd most prefer to be photographed. This wall isn't located in Geelong, I was travelling interstate at the time of taking this portrait. It's the side of a road. It just goes to show, almost anywhere could be a great backdrop. The locations in the gallery below are all local to Geelong.

Scouting Location Example

I looove location scouting. You don't have to go far to find somewhere for an outdoor photo shoot. Take this quiet country road. It's stunning. Do you see it? I'm a very visual person. I'm never sure if others see what I see. I mean if I showed you a photo of this wall by the road. What would you see? Dirt, rocks, grass, trees. Am I close?

Here's what I see. Plenty of texture, colour tones of orange and grey. Potential bokeh (round light) through the tree line. If you time it right, glowing light right before the sun disappears behind that mountain in the background. So much awesomeness by the side of a road. Do you see the magic? Would you have stopped or driven by? That's why you hire me, I scout locations for portrait-potential. 

Location is a good leaping point 

Here's an inside scoop. Photographers look for the light first and location second. Light trumps scenery. Pause and rewind a moment. Discussing location is a good leaping point for your photo session. After all, your story is unique to you. Where is your story best captured? Among trees, by the beach, in the city? What do you want your portrait to say? Are you carefree, cheerful and fun? Bold, edgy or sassy? Does the colour tone of the portrait matter? What is the style and tone of the room where your photograph/s will be displayed? Things to ponder and a conversation we can have. Then we chase the good light. 

follow your happy
wherever it takes you

I love long outdoor walks. Geelong has many walkways, parks, beaches and stunning locations to enjoy. I notice how the sun peeps through a line of trees at dusk. I adore the saturated colours after a shower of rain. I take in the textures of fence lines and walls. I'm fascinated by the changing colours of the seasons. The busyness of life melts away. I breathe, explore, and I see so many places to capture a portrait. Nature really is the perfect backdrop, original and ever changing with the seasons.

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