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Creating interesting and fun content using your products or events. Ideal if you and your staff are camera shy. Make your products the star of the show. A fun way for the consumer to discover and explore your brand with eye-catching videos. If entertained, they may even share it! Who doesn't want more eyes on their products and services! 

Not sure where or how you would use such a video? There's plenty of places to share your video. Here's some ideas:  your website, in a blog post, on social media, in a digital newsletter, an online advertising campaign, a sales/lead page, your LinkedIN profile, as a biz Facebook banner, on YouTube, or in a digital client proposals. Repurpose your original content by using it in many places.   

Time Lapse - Build A House

Stop Motion

Time Lapse - Biz Workshop

Stop Motion

Stop Motion

Stop Motion


Stop Motion video 

This is an animation technique that makes static objects appear to move of their own accord. It's a process of taking MANY photos whilst moving the object/s by hand, frame by frame. The magic happens when you edit those together to create a video. Add music, and the result is magic. The items take on a personality of their own. 

Time Lapse video

Is a photographic technique that allows an event that happens slowly, to happen much faster. Great technique for clouds moving, sun sets, events or work shops, construction of a building. Typically the camera takes photos at a set interval (eg every 5 seconds) and does so for an hour or several hours.

Video Marketing in 2018: We love to share. Our findings suggest that, if you create video content that your specific audience enjoys, 83% of consumers would consider sharing it with their friends. Being a brand is not necessarily a disadvantage - content is king!

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